Top Reasons of a Slow WordPress Site and How To Speed it Up

It is not only one reason, but it is a group of causes that occur slowly on the WordPress site, and among these reasons are the following:

1- Selection of inadequate web hosting:

Choosing  inadequate web hosting is one of the most important reasons that slow down the WordPress platform, and because the choice of hosting is not good, will work to destroy the site.
And also by hindering the navigation between one page and the other within the site, and that makes
Visitors to your website will not use it again, so choose the right accommodation
Your site is one of the most important factors for the success of a website.

2-Install WordPress plugins that cause slow WordPress:

We discovered that when someone starts blogging on WordPress, they install add-ons
Wordpress and these add-ons are not all good, some of them can cause slowness within the site.
So that the visitor cannot move between the pages quickly and, therefore, the benefit that the visitor wants decreases
From this blog, stop using it and this causes blockages to the blog owner.
Therefore, as a WordPress blogger, you must choose add-ons that do not slow down the blogger.

3-Old version of WordPress:

Earlier versions of WordPress, when used, will slow down your blog.
Therefore, when launching new versions of WordPress, you must continually update them
To avoid the slowdown and malfunction of the WordPress platform.

4-Using an inappropriate WordPress template:

The template that you add as a blogger to your blog can contain a set of codes
And those codes are causing a big slowdown in the Lord Press blog.
Therefore, it should be borne in mind that you must choose the appropriate template without code before using it
In the WordPress.

5-Upload large uncompressed photos:

Before adding photos to your WordPress blog, you must add an optimization function
In addition, you should avoid uploading a large and unmodified image to your blog, so you must edit it before
Put it on so you don’t stop the flower press.


Ways to speed up WordPress

We find that the main features of any website are the security feature within the site, followed by the speed
The site we turn to. Ways to increase the speed of your website in WordPress.

Do not use stolen molds.

We found that stolen blocks from other sites contain malicious codes for your site and cause slowdowns
Within the site.
Therefore, the increase in WordPress speed should use paid molds, thus ensuring that no
There are no problems for your sites compared to free templates.

Use the function to edit uploaded photos

As we mentioned earlier, the photos loaded in WordPress were large and were not modified manually or through the image editing function.

It causes pressure in WordPress and the result is slow in WordPress but adds
This feature saves you from the aforementioned negative results about the speed of the blog.

Use fast web hosting

The fast hosting achieves a quick navigation between the pages of your blog because we found it
There are some hosting that people add to the blog.
This causes a slow speed within the site, but the use of fast hosting achieves a fast transition and increases WordPress speed.

Attention to coordination within the blog

What catches the visitor’s attention on any blog is the degree of coordination within the blog, hence the interest.
He does very well
As the amount of articles displayed on the home page makes WordPress slow
Therefore, blog creators should pay attention to reducing articles and formatting the blog well.

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