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Top 8 Website Hosting Myths Debunked

Whether you're launching a new e-commerce, passion site, or thinking about switching hosts, sorting the truths from the myths will help you choose the right web hosting service for your needs.
website hosting myths debunked

The Realities of Website Hosting

Navigating the maze of web hosting options can be as confusing as it is critical—your website’s performance and your user’s experience depend heavily on it. As we venture into 2024, let’s clear up some common misconceptions about web hosting. It’s time to debunk the myths and make informed choices!

Myth #1: The More Expensive, The Better

Reality: You don’t always get what you pay for.

Yes, some expensive hosts offer fantastic service, but there are hidden gems in the budget-friendly category too. For instance, many users have found hosting companies like A2 Hosting and Hostinger offering robust service at a fraction of the cost of premium hosts.

It’s all about the value—look for what features you need. Maybe you don’t need unlimited everything but rather stable and reliable uptime and great customer support.

Myth #2: Migrating Hosts is a Nightmare

Reality: It can seem daunting, but many hosting providers now offer migration services that make the process smooth and make your life easier.

Some hosts, like InMotion Hosting, will transfer your site for free, ensuring minimal downtime and hassle. With proper planning and support, migrating your website to a new host can be straightforward.

migrating your website between hosts

Myth #3: Unlimited Hosting is Limitless

Reality: “Unlimited” in web hosting is a marketing term. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Unlimited hosting often comes with its fair share of restrictions in the fine print—like bandwidth throttling once you hit certain limits or reduced performance during peak times. A small business site might never hit these caps, but a rapidly growing e-commerce platform could face unexpected limitations.

Just look at one massive sales day, Black Friday. Your traffic may spike beyond what your server can handle, it then flatlines and you loose so much traffic and revenue.

Myth #4: You Must Be Tech-Savvy to Manage Web Hosting

Reality: Not anymore! Many web hosting providers now offer user-friendly control panels, one-click installations for popular applications like WordPress, and extensive customer support 24/7/365. This last one is great especially if your site breaks just a we are going into a major holiday period.

Companies like SiteGround and DreamHost make it easy for non-technical users to manage a site effectively with minimal learning curve.

Myth #5: Shared Hosting is Bad

Reality: Shared hosting gets a bad rap due to performance concerns, but it’s not inherently bad. It’s an excellent cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized websites and beginners.

As your site grows, you will need to increase your hosting service. This may mean going up to a dedicated server, where you are no longer sharing the server with other sites.

With advancements in server technology and better resource allocation algorithms, many shared hosting providers now offer much better reliability and speed than in the past giving site owners more confidence.

Myth #6: All Web Hosts Are the Same

Reality: There is a vast difference in the quality of service, features, and performance across the range of different hosting providers. Niche requirements like enhanced security for e-commerce or specific server needs for large-scale applications can mean that a “one-size-fits-all” approach will never work.

Tailoring your choice to your specific needs is crucial. Before you sign up to a specific host you can talk to their customer support team to discuss your needs to determine if they are the right choice.

not all website hosts are the same

Myth #7: A Good Host Means No Website Downtime

Reality: Even the best hosts can’t promise 100% uptime. While leading providers like AWS and Microsoft Azure boast impressive uptime statistics, occasional outages are inevitable due to factors beyond a host’s control, such as DDoS attacks or hardware failures.

What’s important to site owners and admins is how quickly a host can recover and communicate what’s going on during that downtime. And for owners, it is also important to note that staying calm during outages is best practice. I have had a self-builder site owner come to me for help after what turned out to be a 12-hour outage and tell me that they have now migrated their site to another host but it will take 3 days to come online. If they had just not panicked their site would have been up in a few hours.

Myth #8: Web Hosting Has Little Impact on SEO

Reality: The truth is, that web hosting significantly affects SEO. Google’s algorithms favor websites that load quickly and are available consistently. If your host has frequent downtimes or your site loads slowly because the server is too far from your audience, your search rankings can suffer.

Choosing a hosting provider with solid uptime stats and good speed can help boost your SEO. If your site is media heavy (graphics, pics, videos), choosing a higher plan that gives you greater data will help with speed.

Going Forward

This year, don’t let those insidious myths cloud your judgment. Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce, passion site, or thinking about switching hosts, sorting the truths from the myths will help you choose the right web hosting service for your needs.

Remember, every website has unique requirements, and what works for one might not work for another. And if you need more help have a look at our Top 10 Hosting Provider Page to get a better idea of specific hosting companies and what they each offer.

I didn’t add in the myth that free website hosting is just as good as paid Hosting as that is a whole article in itself. But if you are thinking about using a free host for your website, have a quick read of this article. It is written by one of our writers and gives you a good starting point.

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