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3 Big Mistakes Site Owners Must Stop Making

Many people make 3 mistakes when hosting their sites. You don’t need to be one of them.

Hence, 3 Big Mistakes Site Owners Must Stop Making are listed below:


You will be most likely ask what are these mistakes?

  1. Having a Clear Call to Action.

This is really important. In other words- when someone lands on your website, is there a clear call to action?  Is it clear from your site what you want your visitors to do?

  • Do you want them to click on Booking an appointment?
  • To Click to get a free sample of your wares?
  • To Call You for a Service?
  • To download your free eBook or gift so you can get their details on your email autoresponder?
  • etc

These are important issues to have clear in your mind.Hosting farm

When these are clear, you are more likely to make sure your site meets these requirements so that it achieves your end objectives.

Don’t forget it takes a lot of effort to get a visitor to your website. Let’s make it count and work for us.

 2. Only Being Interested in Our Own Material and Not Considering the Customer Online

The above means that I am interested in maintaining a website with interesting facts that actually help the client or casual web surfer. Of course, I will blow my trumpet and talk about my product or service, in this case, hosting websites.

However, people looking at this very topic are also looking for general information and not just being sold to, so to speak. I will do my best to explain and provide education that is helpful as well as selling my product. It is obvious that this is about a two-way street and not just taking the action of sell, sell, sell and then just to be sure, more sales.

I work hard to makes sure that I balance out my need to assist people to make an informed choice on web hosting with actually being helpful and teaching them about aspects of hosting a website or sites.

For example, if you look at the A2 Hosting Review, it also provides general information, rather than just promote the company.

I have also included articles about SSL security and certificates. I have made a point of explaining the importance of SSL certification and protocol on your website. From this post, I get no referral fees or kudos, other than the knowledge that I am telling you of an important aspect of your website set up.

Hence, blow your trumpet, but give plenty of knowledge away for free as well.


 3. Use a Reliable Hosting Provider. This is Critical.


It is essential to use a reliable hosting provider. You want your site to be up all the time.

You want your site to work.

You want your host to be able to handle the traffic of your readers and clients.

You want your site to manage the load.

You want your site to work efficiently and relatively fast. Of course, for incredible speed, you may be spending incredible dollars but it can be worthwhile.

As long as you work with the reliable hosting providers, such as any of the included providers in this site, you will have significant and positive working experience on your site.

While nothing in the above is rocket science, it is important to mention as so many people simply think the cheapest and nastiest will do Ok and that everything will be fine.

If your site experience isn’t a good one for your clients, they will notice and they will remember. Worse they will go elsewhere and that is not what you want at all.



Hopefully, the above three points will stick in your mind and will help you to create the site that is right for you and your clients, regardless of your website purpose.

A pleasant experience for web surfers means more returning happy people.



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