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WordPress Hosting Requirements for Fast Hosting

WordPress hosting is a very common requirement these days. Over one-third of the web is made up of WordPress sites.

While this is brilliant for us as small businesses, start-ups, or even hobbyist sites, we all have one thing in common. We all want to use the services of a hosting company that will go the distance and works for many years to support our site requirements and also us as clients and our website visitors.

I have made sure that the web hosts recommended on this site for hosting comparisons are all hosts that can deliver on reliability and efficiency, in terms of tech support and specifications for you as a user.


When you select a host for a specific hosting plan such as WordPress Hosting, it usually includes optimized aspects for WordPress hosting, as is the case with the host for comparison here.

There are also different types of hosting company packages, including the most common- shared hosting, as well as VPS, dedicated and managed hosting.


As the name suggests, shared hosting means that there are many websites sitting on the same server in a server farm and this is often a much cheaper way to get started and to start a small website.



It is very effective and efficient and I personally used this system of hosting for the last 12 years. As long as the company hosting your site is reliable and does not cram too many sites on a single server, the sites will generally run very well and efficiently.


I can, however, say that I have had a negative experience with one host that allowed so many sites on a server that operation was virtually stopped and was just unworkable.


Fortunately, this sort of behavior is far and between.

Then there is also VPS hosting.

In this configuration, you are allocated a specific amount of memory and space on a server and this is a brilliant way to go when you are expecting to grow quite quickly.


Please note that it is also possible to upgrade on a hosting plan from one type of hosting to another and all within the same company, so it need not be a complicated process.

The hosting company will provide the technical support to help you achieve a solution to all your tech hosting problems. This is the mark of a great hosting company.


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