What is a Dedicated Server and Why Do I Need One

Much like many other new site owners, you in all likelihood opted for shared website hosting when you first released your internet site.

After all, it’s the cheapest alternative, and the budget is essential. However, as your internet site grows, it’s crucial to know that you can upgrade to something more substantial. There are plenty of options, and you may have pondered, What is a dedicated server – and why do I need one?

The solution lies within the reasons for trying to upgrade within the first place. For example, you’ll be coping with a rise in immediate traffic, or anticipating growth in the near future. Dedicated servers are ideal for this, at the side of their sturdy superior security features and they are capable of a positive impact on web page loading timeframes.

In this guide, we’ll explain what dedicated servers are, then compare this type of hosting to different types. Then we’ll provide some advice on the way to decide whether or not a devoted website hosting is right for you. Let’s get started!

Not certain if you want a committed server for your WordPress website? 4 reasons to upgrade…

What is committed hosting (and the way does it evaluate to different types)?

With dedicated web hosting, you basically find that your website has its very own server all to itself. It offers immense power and flexibility, however normally comes at a premium. As such, it’s critical to do your research before opting to buy this type of plan.

For example, most websites start off with a shared hosting plan but soon develop a need to exceed that reasonably-priced shared plan’s limits. Your alternatives right here could include an improvement to a virtual personal server (VPS) or a devoted one. It’s up to you to weigh up the different alternatives.

As you’ll be aware, shared web hosting stores your web page on a server with potentially hundreds of others. For private blogs or very small businesses, this option is sufficient. However, it’s not the satisfactory choice for overall performance, and you also lose out on flexibility because you couldn’t configure things yourself (since you need to percentage with others).

On the other hand, a VPS offers your website its personal space, separate from other sites, whilst still sharing a server. Since your website is blocked off from other users, its performance will possibly be extra consistent. You also get a little more flexibility when it comes to how your server is configured.

These types of plans can provide you the velocity you need at a lower fee than dedicated web hosting, and represent an amazing middle ground for those seeking to improve.

However, devoted web hosting is the plan of desire if you need the maximum power for your money. However, as you’d expect, the downside is valuing, and a few run-ups to three-figures in step with month. Fortunately, by the point your website wishes one to handle its site visitors, it could thoroughly be worth it.
Why would you want a dedicated server (4 key reasons)?
As we mentioned, dedicated website hosting is one of the most powerful server plans available, in conjunction with cloud web hosting. However, you will be asking whether or not you need it. Let’s review 4 reasons you need to bear in mind opening your wallet!
1. Your website is growing and desires that allows you to manage growth in site visitors
If you anticipate that your internet site goes to grow speedy, it might be a good idea to choose a committed server now. For example, if your web site is nevertheless using shared web hosting whilst your site visitors spikes, its overall performance could drop significantly. This may be a slippery slope of better bounce fees and a lack of revenue. It’s vital to offer your self-time emigrate your site and ‘settle’ its performance before any capability troubles arise.

According to FXBlog, your web page ought to be prepared to deal with spikes of up to 30 times your normal daily traffic, to account for promotions and special events. If you’re no longer prepared, your website online ought to crash or otherwise result in negative user experience (UX).

2. Security is a subject on your website

Security is important for each website, however especially for those managing sensitive records. This may want to consist of exclusive emails, credit score card numbers, or sensitive customer statistics. It’s crucial to defend these statistics and your internet site from viruses, hacks, and different risks.

With a committed server, you’re completely in the rate of your web page’s security. This method you could optimize the capabilities you want for the particular necessities of your website and saved files. Of course, you’re additionally answerable for how these functions are implemented, however that is one in all the advantages of flexibility.

However, a few hosts provide fully-managed and semi-controlled upkeep plans. In a nutshell, you may frequently specify what each you and your host will be responsible for, which way you may accept as true with an expert with mission-important functionality, at the same time as managing all different worries directly.

3. You’d like your web page loading times to be premier

Your web page loading instances can have a substantial effect on practically all factors of your internet site. Slow pages can result in low engagement metrics and high bounce charges. A devoted server will let you optimize this factor of your internet site as plenty as possible.
On a shared server, you won’t have any perception of whilst the server’s assets are getting used elsewhere, which can make your site run slowly. Opting for a dedicated server will guarantee you have got the bandwidth you need to decorate your page loading instances.

4. Having managed over your server is important to you

The very last reason you could need to choose a dedicated server over other options is a simple one: manage. We’ve alluded to this in previous sections, but devoted website hosting gives you whole responsibility for how you pick out to apply your server.
For example, you’re even loose to pick out the server software you prefer. If you want the aid control of NGINX over Apache, you have got the strength to do so. Plus, you may regulate hardware specifications and install your very own running system (OS). Because of this, dedicated hosting may be an enticing option for advanced net developers, and people with precise and specific requirements.
Where are you able to get devoted web hosting?

You’ll locate that lots of popular web hosting organizations offer plans on the entire spectrum of complexity and price. This method that you’ll often find reasonably-priced shared web hosting setups and effective devoted servers from the same company.

Some of our favorites are:

Bluehost from $79.99/mo

A2 Hosting from $99.59/mo

SiteGround from $269.00/mo

When should you opt for a devoted server?

Now we’ve long past over some of the benefits of committed web hosting, let’s talk in brief about a way to know if it’s right for you. After all, a VPS provides a lot of the identical features, however at a less expensive price.

First, take into account whether your web page is receiving extra visitors. If the numbers are plenty better than previously, it may be time to upgrade from your contemporary plan. Your choice will both be VPS, cloud website hosting, or devoted web hosting.
All three offer the capability for big bandwidths and fast page loading times. However, committed website hosting has a facet over a VPS in relation to security, if only because you have absolute control over how the server runs and operates.

Ultimately, as with many other WordPress considerations, your decision will depend on the precise wishes of your website. Certainly, if the price range is no difficulty, you may go wrong with a committed server. However, much like deciding on your very first website hosting plan, the price will become a primary concern when making your choice.

Conclusion on what’s a dedicated server

If your website is suffering to hold up with an increase in site visitors, it is able to be time emigrate your internet site to a committed server. This is essentially a server that only hosts your web site, and no longer most effective can it enhance your web site’s overall performance, however additionally enhance your web page loading times and help you optimize security.

To quickly recap, right here are some reasons why you can need a dedicated server:

1. Your website is developing and desires as a way to manage growth in visitors.
2. Security is a situation on your website.
3. You’d like your page loading times to be as most suitable as possible.
4. You need to have control over each thing of your server.

Do you have any questions about devoted servers and why you might want one? Ask away in the feedback phase below!


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