What Are The Hosting Options Available | A Simple Introduction to Hosting Types


I am often asked about hosting from complete newbies. I will attempt to answer this hosting question in this post here.

What Are The Hosting Options Available?

When I am asked what are the hosting options available, I like to answer as below:


Well, firstly, there are a few kinds of hosting.

There are what I call the free sites

These include blogger.com, WordPress.com, and Wix.com, to name a few. However, there are many more to consider as well.

However, the point of this is the same. They offer free hosting of your ‘site’ and I say site in inverted commas, as they are hosting a few files that make up your ‘site’ as part of their very comprehensive site.

While these sites are able to offer a very starting beginner the cheapest way to get online, a real issue is the owner of the content. It is not you. You also have limited control of that content.

I have a video below that may help explain this a bit better


You can spend hours and days and months preparing and uploading to your site. One day, without warning, you can find it all taken down, or deemed to be against the TOS (terms of service). It doesn’t matter what or why. It has happened to people I know and also to me.

In the interests of full disclosure, there are benefits too, like not having to worry about any technical stuff. You don’t have to worry about security, hosting fees, file management, plugins, etc, but you also have zero control. I am a control person and like to control my websites and their destiny!

This is why I now host all my sites myself.

Self Hosted Hosting

Now, that does not mean I have a server tower in my home or office. No. I have hosting companies, such as those available on this site, Top Rated Web Hostings, and use their services to host my websites.

This way, I have control and know that my sites will not be taken down, modified or otherwise shut down, beyond my control.

Just ask the people who use Facebook as a ‘website host’ and they will tell you how Facebook shuts them down so often. Equally, this is one of my pet hates. Never outsource your hard work and your content to a third party. Alway host yourself. It does not have to break the bank.

Some hosts start at a few dollars a month

I always recommend that it is a good idea to use your hosting and many of the providers will let you get a domain name at the same time as purchasing the hosting plan.


I also have relevant information elsewhere on this site to help with understanding web hosting.

However, if you want greater security for yourself, you can buy a domain name from a registrar like Namecheap and then link that domain name to the new DNS records of your new host.


This will be explained in another video I will soon make.

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