What Are the Advantages of a SSL Certificates!

What does the SSL certificate mean?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, which means secure communication layer, and its function is to encrypt data transmitted and received from the server.

This certificate encrypts the data between the server and the browser, so that no hacker or hacker can obtain the data sent by the visitor to the server and vice versa because these data are encrypted and the key is encrypted only on the server.


Why do I need SSL for my site?

SSL certificates have become an important part of the internet world. It not only encrypts the data between the visitor and the server, but also because it confirms the identity of the site with the visitor.


What are the types of SSL certificate

First type: Extended Validation SSL Certificates (EV)

The second type: Certificate Authority SSL Certificates (CA)

The third type: Organization Validation SSL Certificates and stands for (OV)

Fourth Type: Domain Validation SSL Certificates (DV)


The impact of SSL certification on search results

Google and search engines must have installed an SSL certificate on the sites to provide greater security to the user, Google seeks to make the Internet a safer place, and a large part of this goal is to ensure the security of the information entered by users. visitors to the websites, where notifications were sent to the owners of the sites. The need to install that certificate on your site.


It is now assumed that you have become aware of the importance of security certificates and their different types and which suit your site activity. Do not hesitate and hurry to install a security certificate for your site. Most browsers currently warn visitors when visiting a site that does not work through https, and it has become a standard of search engines SEO.



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