Top Ways to Increase Website Visitors to Your Blog

Most of the articles that talk about attracting the majority of visitors to your blog offer quick solutions and strategies that give temporary results. Today, through my article, I will tell you some of the best strategies that will allow you to achieve long-term and lasting results.

1- Stop trying to do everything :

I think it is important to start with this step because it is the common mistake that I see all the time in blogs.

Many new bloggers start designing their blogs and when they arrive to link the blog to social media accounts, do you guess what they do? I bet you made the same mistake!

They create an account on all possible social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google plus, Pinterest and Instagram. I think YouTube is still quite scary for new bloggers, so this time I will skip it.

This is exactly what I did. I even tried to publish on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus every time I publish an article.

What a stressful thing!

Stop trying to dominate all possible social media that increase the number of visitors to your blog and, instead, concentrate all your attention on mastering only one medium!


2- Focus on content rather than traffic:

All people work hard to get high levels of followers. As if it were a social guide or a popular contest.

I understand that Sometimes it is not taken seriously unless it has a certain number of visitors. It is important for these reasons, however, you must be careful.

Visitors are not always a sign of success.

The content you create is absolutely more important than followers when it comes to attract real visits to your blog. In any case, visitors are useless unless they interact with their content.
Social networks and search engines constantly change their algorithms to support this model. Pinterest also reduced its focus on tracking sessions and accounts. Instagram has done the same by introducing new concepts such as using hashtags instead of full accounts.

If you have the best content and are working to have the opportunity to present it to people, your social media accounts will grow rapidly!


3- Stop looking for quick solutions:

I will link this point directly to what I mentioned earlier.

Quick solutions = short term results.
Real work and solid strategies = far-reaching results.
I will let you decide which one you want! It will quickly go through the process of monitoring and canceling a large percentage of followers, but will lead to weak interaction and will ultimately harm the number of long-term visits.
It is much better to increase the number of followers of your blog naturally and at a slightly slower pace than to increase it quickly and using cheap methods and methods. Interactivity is what increases sales, not visitors.

It is fine to seek advice on how to increase the number of followers of your blog because this is how you can read the article in your hands now. But be sure to implement the right strategies to help you achieve long-term and lasting results.
The bottom line is that you will get results that depend on the amount of work you did on your blog.


4- Share new content regularly:

This step may seem obvious, but did you know that social networks and search engines prefer users who publish more frequently?

From my experience, publishing often helps increase traffic a bit. I have been through publication times three times a week. Well, this is a little crazy and most of you probably can’t keep up.

Find an appropriate publication scheme for you and your blog and try to stick to it. You can publish at least one or two new articles every week while trying to attract more traffic to your blog.

A good way to help you comply with this schedule is to write and edit articles in batches. You can try to spend a week writing the content, finish editing it, prepare it to enter the plan for next month and free your time to concentrate on other tasks.

5- Consider spending money on ads:

Well, I know, I know. Nobody wants to spend money on advertising. Starting blogging is quite expensive.

But spending money on ads to attract more traffic to your blog does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money every month.

Try to change your thoughts about how you usually use advertising. Instead of using it for the sole purpose of increasing traffic to your blog, consider using it and using it to test new ideas.

Remember that the most important aspect of increasing traffic to your blog is to take action. Concentrate, decide what you want to spend your time on and start working on it!

I hope you enjoyed your article! Feel free to leave a comment below if you have taken the steps or if you have any questions!

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