How to Rank Your New Site on Google | The Not Too Geeky Explanation

A common question that I am often asked is:

How to rank your new site on Google?

Given that this is a review site of hosting providers, amongst other properties on the internet, this is a natural question to be asked.

Given that I sell and review website hosting, I realize many of you simply want straight, not too geeky answers to this very important question. I’ll do my best to help you out with that.

Firstly, our sites need to be humanly readable. We are not thinking about SEO first, but after readability for humans, it is a top point to remember.

So, always, the first thing about your site is that is readable.

My technique involves writing, almost like I am talking to or with you in my office or lounge room.

I try to keep things calm, relaxed and yet, informative as well.

Register on the Google Console

The first technical thing to note is that we need to use the Google Console to register our site. This is how we rank our new site on Google. Even Though I use other techniques to get listed on Google, using their actual console is a really good starting point. The link is here.

Once there, and this link will open in another page so you can still read my instructions here.

Once there, make sure you fill in the necessary answers to the Google questions which will primarily be about your site that you wish to rank.

Actual Content SEO optimization

The next step is actual content optimization.

This means that the content needs to have titles, phrases, and words that include the keywords that we want to rank for. This does not mean that we should write just any rubbish to stuff keywords, but rather cater to the human readership first and then the engines where that is possible, the keywords are included in the titles, the content and any subheadings. This is how we tell Google and other search engines what our content is about.


I found this gentleman is really good at explaining what I have tried to put into words above.



Have Back Pointing Links to Us

The other important point is making sure that we have links in other websites pointing to us, or specifically, our website links that we want to rank for.


This is to help Google to recognize that other sites consider us ‘important and valuable’. Hence, we are going to slowly build rank for this.


I make sure that I include videos as part of my marketing and SEO and my videos will start to filter through in the coming weeks and months, as a regular upload into my account.


This is to register my websites and also to make sure that more sources are available to find my material and thus, present my sites to the internet.


I make it my business to help as many people as possible, as your success is my success.


I am about education as well as about good content on my sites for you.

It is one thing having a site hosted using one of the hosting entities  I recommend. However, you want to be successful with your site too and I wish you all the best in that endeavor.

I will be posting regular training tools to make that a reality for you too.

Check back soon to this blog regularly.




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