How do you choose the domain name for your site?

Choosing the correct domain name for your site is one of the most important factors for your success, so it is imperative to choose it carefully, since it can be difficult to change it or replace it later, as this can damage your brand or negatively affect the Appearance of your site in search engines, so you must learn how to choose a correct domain name, and in this article we call How to choose a correct domain name, we will give you 11 tips and a tool to learn it.

Here are our tips that help you choose a correct domain name :

When you start creating a blog, it can be difficult to choose an appropriate domain name and it may seem like it hurts to avoid making mistakes.

– Always try to choose .com

Although there are many alternatives to regular extensions .com and. net and. org as .pizza and. photographed, and even .blog.

We always recommend choosing the .com domain name.

Creating a domain name with a new extension name can be tempting for you, but .com is still the most established and reliable domain name extension.

Newer extensions such as .ninja or .photography may not be reliable. is also the most popular, and it is common for many users, especially those who are not technology experts, to write “.com” automatically at the end of each domain without thinking.

– Make sure the domain name is short

Despite the importance of words, it is desirable that the domain name be short, because the short name is easy to write and is rarely forgotten, unlike the long name.

Therefore, we recommend that the domain name does not exceed 15 characters, since it is difficult for users to remember the longer domains, and that the long domain is more prone to spelling errors, exposing your site to the loss of a large number of visitors, which leads to a decrease in their ranking in search engines.

– Use keywords to find your domain name

Keywords play an important role in the domain. By using keywords in your domain name, you can inform search engines about your website, as well as good content and a good user experience, and keywords in your field can help you get a higher ranking. in Google search engines

– Be careful that your domain name does not contain more than one consecutive repeated letter

It is better to avoid naming the domain with names that contain duplicate characters, as this increases the chances of the word being lost in search engines and makes it more prone to spelling errors, for example: a domain name like freebieees. com is more prone to spelling errors, resulting in less traffic to your blog. .

– Act quickly to buy the domain name before someone else wins it.

Every day thousands of new domain names from around the world are registered. If you find the domain name you want, do not wait long and immediately take action.

Domain names are like real estate, the price increases daily and thousands of people are actively looking for good domain names, and if you find them, buy them before they double in the future.

If you do not act quickly and miss the opportunity, someone else can go ahead and register your field idea.

– Better choose your domain name to be unique and wonderful

Make sure that the domain name of your blog is unique and unique, so that it is a motivation to attract readers to your blog and search it permanently, since it distinguishes it from other blogs, and so that the matter is not confused with the researcher , find more than one domain that bears your domain name or near it, which makes it difficult to distinguish and who can then lose an advanced position in the search engines, so that you can attract the minds of the readers to your blog by choosing A unique and unique domain name.

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