8 Ways To Generate Traffic Online | Traffic Getting is The Lifeblood of Your Site

I have chosen to list 8 Ways To Generate Traffic Online ways to generate traffic online for you in this post.

It is by no means an exhaustive list but is a great starting point to get your information out there to passers-by, looking for that which you have.

Email Marketing is One of the Primary Methods I recommend.

I say this as this way, we are able to create a ‘relationship’ with our readers. The idea is to make sure that we create a situation where we are helping them to succeed greatly. I recommend either of Constant Contact or Send Lane. Both are services that I use and can comfortably recommend.

The idea is that you are able to send a number of emails regularly, importantly with relevant and useful information in them.

There should be at least two or three information emails for every sales style email. You can also sign up for a regular email newsletter on my site on the front page at the bottom.

Partners, with an existing list are also a great way to generate more traffic. These people will, of course, want a portion of your profits or sales, as part of the deal to let you email to their list.

Facebook Page Post Many of us have Facebook profiles and pages. By putting up a post and regularly talking about it, we can bring that post in front of many eyeballs and can in this way promote more traffic to our site or offer.

Blogging  This is one of my favourites.

I have been blogging for many years and building up post rich blogs for consumption by the public, in many different niches.

It comes down to regular blogging and making content-rich and informative sites that things get done. This includes building on regular traffic streams.

Interviews We can interview people of interest in our niche areas and record the audio or even video if possible and place that on sites like YouTube or even our own blogs and the like.


YouTube Videos I lead on from my previous traffic source and say that making YouTube videos is a must. You do not need to be an A grade film producer. As long as the camera is focused, even one on your laptop screen and you have a basic plugin mic, such as a Boya mic, then you are good to go.


YouTube Comments  Commenting on YouTube Videos- in a respectful and intelligent way is a great way to pick up extra traffic and links. Naturally, if you just say stupid or spammy things, this will not work very well but can if you are intelligent about it.

Email Signature We are all emailing daily so we may as well have a signature line in all our email to our main money-making website.


such as a Boya mic,




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