7 Questions To Ask A Web Hosting Before You Buy

Picking a web host could be a difficult encounter. A terrible web host could be a website proprietor’s bad dream. More often than not, loss of documents or inadmissible client assistance can make your online business come up short. Luckily, a couple of inquiries can assist you with settling on a decent decision to maintain a strategic distance from the provider who will raise you ruckus, or the person who won’t live up to your desires.


1- Would there be a discount if you pay in advance?

A typical accommodation package is paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. Some hosts, those of cheap in particular, will offer you a discount if you pay an entire year. So ask if you can get an extra discount by paying for two years in advance.

2- Will excess bandwidth be billed?

Your hosting plan allocates you a specific amount of bandwidth for your site. This may not be a problem at first, but when there is more traffic to your site, you would need more bandwidth. Be sure you understand what it is going to cost you, and find out if there is a way to upgrade to cut costs. Will the server notify you if you are near the bandwidth limit, or should you check it yourself?

3- How many times will my site be backed up?

Choose a host that backs up a site at least once a day. Also ask where the backups will be stored, and if you could access them through your cPanel .

But you still need to find out what’s going on behind your site (backend). Will others who are hosting on the same server as you have access to some of your files? How does the host ensure that this is not the case?


4-What about installation costs?

Find out if there are any fees to migrate to the new web host.

5-Will the technical  Support be available 24/7?

Web hosts claim they are always available 24/7, but that is not always the case. The worst scenario is to have a website that is unreachable on Friday evening and without response until the morning of Monday.


6- Do you offer support for scripts installed via cPanel?

Many web hosts do not offer assistance, but a web host who has excellent customer service should be ready to point you in the right direction.

7- Do you offer a money back guarantee?

If you’re going to move your site, wouldn’t spending time and energy on nothing make you unhappy? Will they reimburse your hosting costs so that you can change web hosting?


While you can find the answers to some of these questions by digging and searching for yourself, asking the other questions to the customer service or sales departments of the potential host will be necessary. How long does it take to respond to you, with what politeness, and with how much information? These are signs that you have an idea of ​​the level of customer service that awaits you in the future.


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